Monday, January 27, 2014

Mrs. Meyer's Giveaway! (Winner Announced!)

The winner of the Mrs. Meyer's Gardener's Set is Abby!  
Congratulations, Abby! 
Please contact me at to claim your prize!  
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Today, because it's so darn cold outside again and because I can't wait for spring, I am giving away a gardener's set of Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap. The set includes one full-size bottle of PARSLEY-SCENTED SOAP, and one full-size bottle of RADISH-SCENTED SOAP. Both fresh scents remind me of how eager I am to bask in the warm, spring sunshine and start breaking the ground in preparation for a summer-time garden that's bursting with colorful veggies and herbs.  
To win, just leave a comment telling me what you're most looking forward to come spring. 
The winner will be announced on Thursday! Good luck! 


Abby Bishop said...

I'm looking forward to the extra hours I'll gain from not having to put hats, coats, mittens, boots, etc. on my four children (or myself!) every time we go somewhere. Oh, how easy it will be to just walk out the door! And Ellie will be able to buckle herself in again since her snow coat won't be in her way. C'mon, spring!!! :) A

Rachelle Coleman said...

I am going to soak it up because it's my last Spring here (for the forseeable future... ya never know!) I'm looking forward to gardening, evening walks, and fresh homegrown salads!

Phanneth said...

Crisp warm air and longer days full of sunshine! I'm over all of this snow and short daylight days. Bring on the sunshine!

Kristi said...

Gardening and landscaping our complete blank canvas of a yard :)

PJ said...

I'm looking forward to not wearing thick winter jackets, woolens and gloves and still shivering a bit every time I step outside!
I'm looking forward to long walks outdoors with my dogs in the sunshine, growing plants and veggies, longer daylight hours and less layers of clothing!

Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to gardening! And letting my little boy really play outside for the first time - he's just learned to crawl but the weather has been miserably cold.